The Safari is a 1972 Series III Station Wagon 2.25 petrol

On June 18th 2014 the Landy passed the 25th MOT since I bought it in September 1988

Series 3 Land Rover 109 March 2009 near Milwich.

The Series III Safari near Milwich in March 2009

Land Rover 109 in Shropshire.

A greenish lane somewhere in Shropshire

Land Rover 109 in South Wales.

This was taken during a trip to South Wales in August 2007

Hay-on-Wye campsite.

We had a new tent for short breaks, this was at Hay-on-Wye in July 2005

As bought

This was an ex-Electricity Board Land Rover, I bought it from a man in Blackpool. He had a diesel 88" and a BMW car which he wanted to use instead!!
This picture was taken at Tatton Park not long after I acquired it.
Isle of Mann beach.
The Landy was purchased in September 1988 with a clapped out engine. I rebuilt a second hand 2.25 petrol engine and fitted that before our holiday to the Isle of Mann in the summer of 1989.

All dolled up

At a nephew's wedding, the bride and groom had a Rolls Royce, but the Landy looked better!

Leather seats

These seats came from a Jaguar XJ6 and transformed the comfort level for long journeys.
They make it a joy to drive on a daily basis too.

Photo time

A road in the Isle of Mann

Photo time

A stop by a lake in North Wales

Photo time

A campsite near Edinburgh in 1993, the manic dog was called Tigger

Photo time

Path to a beach in South Wales

Photo time

Must find the rest of these pictures

Golden Gate

Don't be fooled: I've been there but the Landy hasn't

Stable platform!

The front of the roof slopes at just the right angle for the ladder to be straight. A truly versatile vehicle.

To be continued!