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Land Rover Series 3 109 Safari Parabolic Springs March 2005

Land Rover 109

A broken spring means new ones

The long wheelbase Land Rover Series 3 109 Safari had a new set of springs fitted when the new galvanised chassis rebuild was done in 1998. Now in March 2005 one of the rear leaves has broken so the decision was made to fit parabolics. I checked the local spares place and a number of others, finally deciding to go with Chris Perfect's springs. This was based mainly on the other kit I purchased from there in 1999 and the good service I had from them. The new springs arrived quite quickly after placing the order and looked good painted red.


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109 spring 109 spring 109 spring

The Landy before

The old springs are looking a bit tired with a definite lean to the right.

109 spring 109 spring

Broken Leaf

The broken leaf was the top one on the rear right side of the Land Rover. I would have just replaced the rear springs but no one had them in stock for at least two weeks and the vehicle was used daily.

109 spring 109 spring 109 spring

The Landy on high

First the axle is jacked up and support on axle-stands. Then another axle stand is used to support the chassis, and the U-bolts then removed to free the spring from the axle.

109 spring 109 spring

The old spring is gone

Removing the shock-absorber (dampers) fixing was not easy It looked odd without a spring.

109 spring 109 spring 109 spring

The new springs being fitted

The new springs look good for now and the new shocks.

109 spring

Will it fit?

The axle seems different than it did before.

109 spring 109 spring

Nearly done

Just the U-bolts to go on now..

109 spring

A bit higher now

Finally back on all fours and the body is higher.

18 months later

The parabolic springs on the Land Rover have made a big improvement in the comfort of the ride for the driver and passengers. This is still nowhere near the ride of a 'normal' car or say a Land Rover Freelander but since I am keeping this vehicle there is now less of a need for another more comfortable one.

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